Prep Classics to Keep and Supply List 2024-2025


Here are the four things that each Prep student needs to have purchased by start of school. 

  1. Classics to Keep Books
  2. Prep Supplies
  3. School Readers & Agenda
  4. Textbook Deposit

  1. Classics to Keep Book List

It is the tradition of Great Hearts Roosevelt to inspire students to develop a personal library of literary classics they can keep, annotate, and revisit throughout their academic careers. To this end, we encourage families to purchase these “Classics to Keep” so that students will graduate with an impressive library of literary masterpieces. Students can expect to annotate in their books for class discussion.  This also serves the beautiful purpose of creating a marker for future reflection when students re-read these great classics of literature.


  1. Supply Lists

    • Supplies must be purchased and brought to school on the first day of instruction (August 7th).
    • If you purchased a Prep (6th – 10th grade) EduKit by June 9th, your student’s EduKit will arrive at school and will either be distributed at Meet the Teacher Night or on the first day of school.
    • Link: 6th – 10th grade supply list 
    • EduKit Flyer


  1. School Readers & Agenda

A “Reader” is a specific collection of carefully curated works or materials that the school has designed to use concurrently with teacher instruction and will be passed out in class to students. Students will use these to annotate, practice, or read.  These Readers are produced at the school and cannot be purchased online or at stores.  These materials include things such as, but are not limited to the following:

      • 9th and 10th Grade Poetry Reader: select poems to analyze and annotate
      • 6th – 10th Grade Music Workbooks: school-designed workbooks for students to practice theory
      • 6th – 10th Grade Math Skills Practice Books
      • Readers for history, lit/comp, etc.
      • Agendas for assignments/homework
      • Link to pay fee 


  1. Textbook Deposit

For all Prep students (6th – 10th grade) at the academy, a one-time book deposit of $175 is required for textbooks that are owned by the school.

  • Deposit is due with the student’s completed registration The amount must be paid in full before textbooks will be issued to students.
  • Textbook deposits will roll over from year to year and are fully refundable upon a student’s graduation or withdrawal from the academy, as long as books are returned in the permitted.
  • Book deposits may be paid by check or through the online payment portal. When paying by check, please remit to “Great Hearts Roosevelt” and include the student’s name and “book deposit” in the memo line.